Claremont Village Family Dentistry

Dr. Marianne Talukdar, DDS

We are very grateful for the 2019 sponsors of the Freedom 5K:

$3000 level:

The Claremont Club

The Claremont Colleges


Cave Connoisseurs (private donors, friends of CXCP)

$1500 level:

Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center

$1000 level:

Gushue Real Estate

Dr. Melissa Lee, DDS

Claremont Toyota

$750 level:

The Renken Group

Podium Sports Performance

Hendrick's Pharmacy

$500 level:

Palomares Escrow

The Rotary Club of Claremont

Claremont Escrow

Dr. Grillo, DDS

$350 level:

Amethyst Healing Spa

Dr. Robin Su, DDS

Dr. Marianne Talukdar, DDS

Recovery Lab

In-Kind Donations:

Mr. D's Diner ($1000 in gift cards to be given to age group winners of the 5K run and walk)

Mind Growers ($750 in bottled water on day of race)

Fleet Feet (Rancho Cucamonga, $750 in performance shoes for men's and women's race winners AND sports beans for post-race recovery)

Espiau's ($600 in burritos on July 3 for the team for volunteering)

Augie's Coffee Roasters ($350 in coffee on morning of July 4)

Trader Joe's ($50 in granola bars for post-race recovery)

$350 in fruit (from private donor, grandparents of CXCP runners)

If you frequent any of the above businesses, please be sure to pass along your thanks for their sponsorship. If you decide to visit any of them because they are sponsoring the program (and I encourage you to do so), please let them know that you heard about them through their advertising for the Freedom 5K. Many of the businesses told me that they'd love to get some feedback on their advertising.