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2023 Track Schedule

Note: The following schedule is subject to change.

2023 Track Schedule

2022 Team Results

Varsity Boys 14th/Girls 8th | JV Boys 6th/Girls 5th | Soph Boys 4th/Girls 7th | Frosh Boys 4th/Girls 14th

Varsity Boys 3rd/Girls 2nd | JV Boys 2nd/Girls 2nd | Frosh-Soph Boys 2nd/Girls 4th

Junior Boys 1st | Soph Boys 11th | Frosh Boys 2nd

Varsity Boys 15th/Girls 17th

Varsity Boys 2nd/Girls 4th | JV Boys 1st/Girls 5th | Soph Boys 2nd/Girls 5th | Frosh Boys 2nd/Girls 6th

Varsity Boys 7th/Girls 4th | JV Boys 6th | Frosh-Soph Boys 5th/Girls 13th

Varsity Boys 7th/Girls 3rd | JV Boys 6th | Soph Boys 2nd/Girls 3rd | Frosh Boys 2nd/Girls 2nd

Varsity Boys 3rd/Girls 1st | JV Boys 2nd/Girls 2nd | Frosh-Soph Boys 1st/Girls 2nd

Varsity Boys 6th | Varsity Girls 2nd

Varsity Girls 5th

Varsity Girls 12th


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