Things you need to do every season...

  • First complete the Athlete/Parent Information in order to keep you up to date on CXCP happenings. This will get you added to our mailing list so you do not miss out on any important information or events.

  • Next, make sure you fill out a Physical Form and bring it to your doctor when you get your physical.

  • Then, upload your completed Physical Form to Athletic Clearance Website.

    • If you haven't created and account yet, you will need to set that up the first time.

      • Select CA (California)

      • Make sure you select the correct Claremont, not the one in San Diego.

    • For further instructions, you can read Wolfpack Athletic Clearance Instructions.

  • Please read the Team Rules and Expectations and sign to acknowledge.

Required Forms

The following Forms must be completed and turned in to the Coaches, prior to camp or any Team travel:

Things you need to know...

As a runner for CXCP there is a lot of information that the coaches would like to convey to the all Athletes.

Please read the CXCP Packet . This is a compilation of the information we think will be critical on your path to becoming a successful runner in the CXCP program!

IMPORTANT!: June 20th is the first day that incoming Freshmen can practice.