Incoming Frosh

As a new runner for CXCP there is a lot of information that the coaches would like to convey to the incoming Freshmen. The following is a compilation of the information we think will be critical on your path to becoming a successful runner in the CXCP program and make you aware of the requirements necessary to begin training with the team.

IMPORTANT!: June 18th is the first day that incoming Freshmen can practice.

CXCP 9th Grade Kick Off Meeting Materials are attached at the bottom of this page. They include the following:

    1. CXCP State of Tradition

    2. Important Dates

    3. 2020 CXCP Schedule

    4. Vacations

    5. Shoes

    6. Dealing with Injuries

    7. 10 Ways to Improve Your Training

    8. How to Avoid Anemia

    9. 2021-2022 SAT and ACT Dates

Athlete/Parent Information - In order to keep you up to date on CXCP happenings, we ask that you click the following link below and provide you and your athletes contact information.

Athlete Information

CHS Athletic Clearance Links

Physical Form

Athletic Clearance Website


Covid Consent Form

Documentation - Below is a link to all of the forms that may be required to participate.

Forms (Camp / Overnight Travel)