Freedom 5K Sponsorship Committee Meeting TONIGHT!

posted Jan 29, 2020, 3:11 PM by Admin CCCP
Dear CXCP Families,

This is a reminder that we have a Freedom 5K Sponsorship Committee Meeting tonight at CHS at 6:15pm in the 800 Quad Conference Room.

We need approximately 5 volunteers to help me to contact local businesses to request their financial support for the 2020 Freedom 5K.

We already have about 20 ongoing sponsors, so 5 volunteers to share contacting our sponsors means each person will be responsible for communicating with approximately 4 local businesses. That contact includes sending them an email (which is a form letter already written) to let them know about the sponsorship levels for this year, following up with phone calls to ensure they complete the sponsorship forms and submit their donations by the April 1 deadline, staying in touch until they submit completed forms and payments, and reporting on status of sponsors to the sponsorship chair.

We also need to do more to bring in more sponsors. Even if you cannot volunteer one hour per week, if you can bring in one new sponsor, that is incredibly helpful. If you or a friend owns a local business, I can get you information soon for requesting their support as sponsors.

Not surprisingly, costs for our program keep rising: that great food we had at the banquet (and which cost us parents only $5/each) was a little bit more than Bucca but well worth it; travel costs are always going up; camp costs a little more each year; taco truck food after league meets; the list goes in.

All this means we have to use this one big fundraiser to raise even more money.

Please show up for this important meeting. Think of it as one hour per week (if that) to help the team greatly.

Again, if you cannot show up but can help in any way, especially bringing in any new sponsors, please contact

many thanks,

Jeff Rhyne
Booster VP and 2019 Freedom 5K Sponsorship Committee Chair