CHS Track Season - UPDATE

posted Mar 16, 2020, 12:18 PM by Admin CCCP
Hi, Parents and Athletes:

With the track season cancelled and no official practices to go to until April 14 at the earliest, I feel terrible that I could not meet with you all at least one more time. Going to practice and seeing all of you is one of the best parts of my day. I look forward to it every day, and after it’s done, I already miss it and start looking forward to the next practice.

Until our next practice together, I will send a Remind message on Sunday nights with the workouts to do for the week. If possible, captains will schedule some workouts together during the week. Please check your Remind messages. Also, as new information is made available, running together may not be possible. The main thing is to follow the workout plan.

In these times of uncertainty, worry, and confusion, let’s try to bring some normalcy to our lives. Running and training is a great stress reliever. Yes, doing schoolwork and staying healthy are the first priorities, but your children are athletes too and they need to get out:  continuing to do an activity they love can help them cope with stress they might be feeling.

Your kids have worked very hard to get into top shape during track season, and I don’t want them to stop running and training.  This crisis and virus will pass in a month or two, I hope. Of course, we don’t know when.  But whenever we get to start up again for the cross country season, we don't want to start our fitness and training all over. I know the kids want Claremont Cross Country to be tops in League, CIF, and State, and to earn a chance to go to nationals. That work can start now. So, please continue to stay fit so that when we do start for cross country, we can bring those dreams to life. It can be easy to start to get down with the uncertainty in all our lives right now, having a goal to shoot for when this is over will help us all get through it.

Stay motivated, start a journal, and keep track of your weekly mileage. Buy a GPS watch and use Strava to track your mileage. This will be over soon, and you will want to be in shape when we start up again. 
To the Seniors: I’m so sorry that you may not get to hit high school PR goals that you had set. But, you have a lot of running left to do in your lifetimes, and you don't want to start your college career behind in your training. That is no fun. 

So, keep on running and training. Keep on checking in with each other for encouragement, friendship, and team spirit. 

Again, I am sorry I could not meet with you one more time. Looking forward to our first practice together will get me through the next few weeks or however long it is until we run as a team again. 


Coach Reeves