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We will be issuing team Cross Country uniforms that will be borrowed for the season. These borrowed uniform items need to be checked out by the student. All equipment must be returned in good condition on the day after league finals at the end of the Cross Country season. Students are responsible for the cost of any unreturned or damaged equipment.

All athletes are required to wear the cross country uniforms (shorts and singlet) and warm-ups to meets. Equipment must be kept in the uniform bag. You will also make a name tag that you will need to put in the luggage tag of your duffle bag. Please make sure that you take care of your duffle bag and uniform pieces at every meet, as coaches often find unclaimed uniform pieces after each meet. You cannot participate in a meet (or even get on the bus to go to a meet) if part of your uniform is missing. Our first meet is the Cool Breeze meet. You need to be outfitted with your complete uniform by the first meet in order to participate.

Please note that that when washing the race singlet and shorts, it is best to wash in cold water and not use the dryer (hang to dry) to best keep these pieces looking color fresh and like new.

Have a great Cross Country season!